Mark Kennison is a life-long resident of Washington County and an alumnus of Washington & Jefferson College. 

Kennison currently is a well-known businessman and entrepreneur in the city. He has founded and operated some of the city’s best known eating spots. He was founder of the Upper Crust, The Italian Deli (now The Deli on Main), Rachel Rose’s Coffee Shop (now Chicco Baccello) and currently owns and operates the popular Presidents Pub. He was also a co-founder of Just Dogs! Gourmet, a dog treat franchise.

Kennison was a founding board member of the Dreamers Company, a non-profit catalyst for community development and a real estate developer focused on bringing new businesses and residential opportunities to downtown Washington.

Kennison stated that his objectives, when elected, will be to, “Increase the tax base by bringing new businesses to the city and stop the regular tax increases residents have experienced.” He further said that he, “Will combat blight and make Washington a more desirable and livable city.”

He vowed to become a positive influence in fighting the current opioid epidemic.

When elected, Kennison said that, “He will work with all the strategic partners of the city including other community leaders, Washington and Jefferson College, the District Attorney and county officials to bring about real change in our city.” He added that, through his relationship with Washington and Jefferson College, he will, “Work to build a strong and cooperative bond between the College and the city.”